Cinderella Inspired Tutu Dress

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Our gorgeous, fully lined Cinderella tutu dress is a must for any princess loving little girl!! The ultimate costume for Halloween, birthdays, parties, photos or just for fun!

***Please measure your child from armpit to desired length to determine best size - as these are made with stretchy crochet bands for the top all in the same size, please note that the chest size may only stretch up to 24-26" max for all and will only work well for very slender older girls***

Approx ages to length:
20" = 1-2yrs (this size is sold out, but you can easily trim the bottom of the skirt of a longer length size to make it work if you'd like!)
24" = 2-4yrs (this size is sold out, but you can easily trim the bottom of the skirt of a longer length size to make it work if you'd like!)
28" = 3-5yrs
32" = 4-6yrs
36" = 5-7yrs
40" = 6-9yrs

*Please allow dresses to hang and air out upon arrival so the tulle can relax after shipment and any wrinkles and creases can straighten. Thank you!

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Every mom dreams of a sweet daughter, a little girl who will grow up to someday be her best friend. To dress her up, make her laugh, and spoil her rotten (then teach her to be kind, grateful and full of love and respect!).

Bailey was that daughter for me. Except she was born with her daddy's hair - 2 cowlicks taking front and center stage, and another 3 working mischief in the back. What was an inexperienced mom to do to try and save this sweet girl the unfortunate occurrence of being mistaken for a wild child, ragged and unkempt, or worse yet, a BOY?! FLOWERS! HAIR ACCESSORIES! THE WORKS!! Once started it became an obsession that couldn't be stopped!

"Bailey's Blossoms" launched in 2009 and was strictly hair accessories at first. Shortly after came the tutus, tutu costumes and birthday sets. Now, 5 more kids later, (4 of which are boys!), we've added superhero capes, and other daddy-approved accessories and clothing for your little man, while ever expanding our girls line of clothing, shoes, and other fabulous accessories!

In 2016, with the amazing support of all of YOU!, we have been able to add 7 fabulous new members to our team to make sure you continue to get high quality items at unbeatable prices, with lightening FAST service and shipping too! :) Thanks for growing with us and letting us have part your your sweet darlings' "blossoming years"! ;)

Erin Hooley
Bailey's Blossoms