5 Easy to Stick to Resolutions for Every Mama

A new year typically calls for bigger and better resolutions. But, if we learned anything from 2020 (and from being a mom, lol), it’s that life can be chaotic! & probably won’t go as you initially planned. So, when it comes to the R word, we’re all about setting tiny goals, celebrating every win, and laughing at ourselves along the way! If you’re 20 days into the new year and looking to start over (again) we are right there with you. So here’s to that! Read on for 5 achievable resolutions that will reinforce what you already know: you are a total boss.


1. Try one new thing each week (or month: let’s just be honest mmmkkk?) 

Anyone else feel SUPER intimidated by the idea of learning something new? Gone are the days when we had time to take a full course, read a good book or make it through that pesky workout every day (who said answering every, “but why, mommy?” was a part time job?!), but that doesn't mean you don’t have time to learn or do something new & working toward mastering something new (yes- figuring out how to mop while you breastfeed does count as a new skill) is one easy way to command that super mom power!

So whether it's trying out a new recipe with your babes or starting a new bedtime skincare routine for yourself, we believe it’s worthy of celebrating. Here’s to ditching the old “have to’s” and getting excited about the “get-tos''! How’s THAT for something to put on your calendar?! ;) 

2. Pencil In One Act Of Kindness Each Day (Yes - Complimenting yourself DOES count)

They say the best medicine is being kind, but when you spend your whole day serving your family, we know it can be easy to call it quits on everything else! 

While we’re pretty sure you won’t be penciling in a trip to your favorite local charity every week this year, you CAN experience the rejuvenating energy that comes from serving others without any extra time commitments! Here’s how: 

  1. Roll down your window to say hello to a neighbor as you drive to pick up the kids! (trust us, they don’t care how big the bags under your eyes are).For many people, you’re the only “hello!” they’ll get all day! & that is a triumph that is sure to put a smile on your face. 
  2. Look up from your grocery list to smile… I mean “smize” (still haven't fully figured out how to communicate a smile with our eyes while wearing a mask, ha) at the elderly person you pass in the store! Did you know forcing yourself to smile actually releases a chemical in your brain that makes you happy?! 
  3. Give someone an intentional compliment when you meet up for a playdate! - because “your hair looks nice” got old a long time ago, but a good old: “you’re so good at making people feel at home” will NEVER go out of style!
  4. If all else fails (or even if it doesn't) spend 10 seconds standing in front of the mirror and tell yourself out loud that you. are. a warrior. Even on the most deschelved, just-trying-to-keep-tiny-humans-alive of days, that HAS to make you giggle - even if it's just a little. 

However you choose to be intentionally kind this year, know that the world is better because you’re in it! We hope that provokes SO much joy in you, mommas!



3.  Say “No” More Often

As a mama, at times you may feel as if you are being pulled in 10 different directions at once. Because you aren't just a mom nowadays, you are also a teacher, chef, nurse, chauffeur, housekeeper, planner, organizer & much more! You are a multitasking QUEEN! Although it is honorable to hold such a title, it can be overwhelming with a full plate 100% of the time. In 2021, anything that will overflood your responsibilities, is not an immediate priority/necessity, or anything that can be handed off to dad for the time being will (as American Idol’s Randy Jackson famously says) be a “no from me, dawg”.

Saying “no'' more often is the first step to self care because it’s easy to overlook your own needs for the sake of others, yet more difficult to make the time for YOU! Trust us, it’s not selfish...it’s valuing yourself!



4. Wash your face before bed

If you couldn’t tell, we are really into self-care this new year! And let's be honest, skincare is easily the most important self-care routine...but is the easiest one to forget! At the end of a long day and a hot shower, your bed is basically screaming your name! But before you hop into bed, stop and think WWBD (What Would Beyonce Do??) She would do her skincare, girl!! That’s what she would do!!! So put on that facemask! Get out the moisturizer! And get ready to get your glow on! 


5.  Schedule Me time

Every once in a while, spend some time with yourself doing the things you love! Develop a better relationship with yourself by taking the time to rest, relax and unwind! Setting aside time for yourself, even if it's for 15 minutes a day, can leave you feeling totally refreshed! Not sure who needs to hear this, but you DESERVE to invest time in things that fuel you! So watch that new show, read that book, or just do nothing as long as you are doing YOU!

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