Our Story

Hooley Family
Bailey's Blossoms was born at a kitchen table in Arizona, mid-recession, in September of 2008. Named after my firstborn daughter, Bailey, it changed (and grew!) as quickly as our family! What started out as hair accessories and tutus, morphed into costumes and themed birthday sets. When a customer request led me to design our first romper, the limits on what was possible gave way to endless dreams!

Now, with the love and support of each of YOU, we are proud to be the brand of choice for so many to bring their babies home in, celebrate sweet milestones, and every moment in between! We are dedicated to providing the quality and service you and your little one deserve, and styles as precious as the memories made in them!

WELCOME to the Bailey's Blossoms family, and THANK YOU for helping make one mom's dream become so much more than what one alone could ever do!

Erin Hooley
Founder & CEO
Bailey's Blossoms