7 Tips and Tricks to Styling Your Mini

Let’s be honest, kids fashion nowadays is super trendy and beyond adorable. We’d even wear some items ourselves if it came in our size! Sometimes we actually do! (Thanks to mommy and me matching/coordinating outfits😉) But with kids wardrobe prices on the rise and time on your hands on a steady decline, keeping your little one stylish can be more of a hassle than it's worth. It doesn’t have to be! Bailey’s Blossoms is here to help with 7 tips and tricks to styling your mini - without breaking the bank!


1. Focus on Convenience and Affordablility 

Exclusive items, trend-driven styles, and amazing savings delivered right to your door every month? This is stylish, busy, and cost-conscious Mom’s dream! Valued at over $120, each box has a selection of 5 cohesive items and is yours to swoon over for just $79. (And new subscribers get their first box for only $59 with code BAILEYS) With just a few clicks you can update the size selection as she grows to let her Bailey's box grow right along with her!


Photo: Bailey's Blossoms February 2021 Subscription Box Items

2. Keep Up with the Latest Trends

Kids fashion trends change constantly, but keeping up has never been easier! Bailey’s Blossoms drops new styles every Wednesday to keep your mini looking her best! Make sure to watch for our What’s New Wednesday lives on Facebook and get style inspo from our Instagram. Also, Pinterest is full of pages dedicated to trendy outfits and cute mom and my styles!

3. Choose Styles that Express Your Mini

When putting together outfits for your mini, make it fun and try to match their personality! Whether they are bubbly and sweet or more sassy and cool, picking items that reflect who your babe is can help them slay their style with ease!

Photo: @cassherrig feat. our Noah Mommy and Me Safari Joggers

4. Mommy and Me? Yes, Please!!

Matching with your mini is a sweet trend that’s not going anywhere! Perfect for photoshoots or just a day out on the town, our mommy and me collection will definitely turn some heads and help you and your babe stand out from the crowd! Click here to shop our mommy and me styles and when shopping for your mini, look out for the matching with mom button to see if the item is a mom and me item!

Photo: @madtayobray feat. our Bree Mommy and Me Leopard Skater Dress

5. Snag Style that Will Last

Trends come and go, but some clothes  just never go out of style. Items such as  daphnes, bell bottoms, and leos are a safe choice! These items will always be stylish, and are perfect hand-me-down items to the younger sister! 

6. Always Size Up!

If your little one is in between sizes or you're just not certain which size is best, we recommend always, always, ALWAYS size up one size! Trust us, it's way easier to let a child grow into an outfit than it is to put a child in an outfit that's too small. Plus, you get more wear for your buck! 

Photo: @hayleyknightphotogrophy feat. Drake Crochet Halter Romper & Lina Velour Bell Bottoms - Perfect Day Blue

7. Let Your Mini Have Her Pick

As your babe gets older, make shopping for her outfits a fun mommy/daughter activity and let her pick some of her wardrobe! Give them a couple of options and allow her to pick between them. Watch her face light up with confidence and excitement as she wears the cute ensemble she picked out. It may be wacky at times, but they’ll always be adorable!

Photo: @_ella_brooke_ feat. our Dakota Mommy and Me Leopard Duster Kimono

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