Celebrating Motherhood: Words From Our Founder

Get excited mamas!!! Your special day is approaching fast, and we are so ready to celebrate YOU! You all deserve the world (and more), so your day should be filled with only the BEST!
 To kickstart this exciting week, our lovely founder, Erin Hooley, has answered a few fun, light-hearted Mother’s Day questions to give some insight on her journey as a wonderful mom of six!
 What is your favorite part about being a mom?
“The self-discovery process. When you see your kids, watch them, and see parts of you in them in the process and you start to learn more about yourself in an attempt to learn more about them.”
In 1 sentence, what is the best motherhood advice someone has given you?
“It’s not our job as moms to protect our kid’s innocence but to move them from a place of innocence to virtue.”
What is a favorite memory you share with your children?
“One funny memory includes my boys, they took off the screen to one of our windows, took a loaf of bread and a cooler on a skateboard down to a pond in our neighborhood and put the screen in the water. They then dumped the bread on top of the water, waited for all the fish to come, lifted the screen, and dumped them into the cooler and then rode it back home on the skateboard. The boys then filled up the bathtub (before I was aware of what was going on) with about 150 pond fish!”
Mother’s Day is always a day filled with joy and laughter, reflecting on the amazing journey and memories of being a mom! We could not be more excited to celebrate this special day with you mamas! We hope you have the BEST day, filled with your precious minis and SO much love!

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