How to Handle Mothers Day in Quarantine like a BOSS

With Mother’s Day just around the corner and a little bit of extra time at home, we found ourselves reflecting on the many new and creative ways we’ve seen moms and daughters share their love for one another lately. Painting a bedroom mural together? Done. Baking a cake? Make it Gourmet. If you can think it, they have done it. Seriously.
With so many new fresh ideas under our belts (thank you instagram and the BB VIP page) we've been DYING to bring you in. And Mother's Day seemed like the perfect excuse! So, without further ado, here is a curated list of 5 fun and easy ways to celebrate Mother’s Day while in quarantine.
Sit back, pop some corn, get your cozies on, forward this to the hubs, and let us do the work for y’all.
Best Mother's Day ever comin’ in hot!!! 

Photo: @stefanee.dixon feat. our cotton & lace flutter sleeve maxi dress


1. Have a Mommy Daughter Photoshoot 

Because what better excuse to get all dressed up with no where to go?? All it takes is running a little brush through your babes hair, putting on some lip gloss,  grabbing your phone or camera, and taking a hike down the street!
After spending time with the littles for months-on-end, you might not think you want to remember this moment… but trust us- someday, YOU WILL! And this is the perfect way to do it. Pro tip: Dads and/or Grandparents make the perfect Paparazzi’s. 
2. Bake a Cake
Because the quickest way to any girls heart is straight through her sweet tooth… Can I get an amen?? This is the perfect day to dig through some old cook books, ditch the dishes (Now THERE’S the subtle reminder you needed, Dads!), and don’t hold back. That cake IS worth the calories.
Photo: @madison_mcclain feat. our dark denim suspender jumpsuit 
3. Throw a Virtual Party! 
Where my extraverted mamas at?? No but really- whether or not you can actually host your family and friends in person, you CAN demand that they show up to your virtual Mother's Day celebration.
Blow up some balloons, bring that cake we were just talking about, turn up the tunes, put on a dress, make the kids wash their faces, send everyone a virtual invite, and BAM! You have a house full of everything a girl could need.
4. Have a Fancy Date-Night-In 
No cooking OR paying a babysitter? Since when is this NOT the best of both worlds? If you ask us, no one ever said you actually had to have somewhere to go to get dressed up. And in the best of times and the worst of times, someone can always cook you dinner.
So put on your real pants (or your black leggings- is there a difference at this point?), pour yourself a glass of something fresh and “go” on a date right there at home! Yes, you can still have a classy evening if Frozen 2 is playing in the background. 
          Photo: @lolowebb feat. our mommy & me bordeaux hats
5. Make a Music Video!
Here’s lookin’ at you, Tik Tok queens! It’s now easier than ever to coordinate a dance routine with your minis... And since it’s Mother’s Day, complaining doesn’t exist- right?! We’re giggling as we write this. But in all seriousness, dancing really IS a fun way to make memories and boost morale. So pick a song your minis love, put your matching outfits on, and hop, skip and jump to it, Mamas! We promise we’ll sing along. 
That's all we've got for now, BB. But before we go, we just want to say that whatever your situation this year, you DESERVE to be celebrated. Yes, on May 10th… but on every other day of the year, too. We sure do love y’all, BB! And we’re cheering you on every step of the way.
Happy Mother's Day from all of us here at Bailey's Blossoms, xoxo
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