Karen Derrico’s Journey as a Mom of Fourteen!

Get excited BB's!!! We're teaming up with TLC super mom, Karen Derrico from Doubling Down with the Derrico’s, to bring you Derrico's Kloset! To kick off this special collaboration, we asked Karen some fun questions to get some insight as a mother to fourteen precious kids! 
 1. What are you most proud of in your motherhood journey? 
“I am most proud of the love that my children reciprocate back to me! It means that I have truly shown them what love feels like!” 
2. What is the best advice you can give to first-time moms?  
“Try your best to carve out moments for yourself because you’ll spend the rest of your life putting your baby first!” 
3. What has been the hardest moment of motherhood for you and how did you overcome it?  
“The hardest moment of motherhood for me is having to make funeral arrangements for my baby Carter! I don’t think I can overcome it; however, I thank God for always helping me through it! Those tough moments that come up make me think of him, like the triplet’s birthday! But, seeing the happiness of his twin brothers and knowing that one day, I will see him again brings me joy!” 
 4. How do you practice self-care as a mom of fourteen? 
“Practicing self-care is taking care of me inside and out! From annual medical exams to finding the right therapist to communicate with, and tapping into my passions, those are all ways that I find to take time to have self-care! Oh, and I love a good binge worthy show and a bag of sunflower seeds! Just laying in bed and doing nothing is self-care at its finest lol! As a mom to 14, I am ALWAYS ON THE GO!!” 
 5. What is a favorite funny memory you share with your children? 
“My favorite funny memory I share with my children is one day when the quints were less than a year old, we were all preparing to leave for a family outing, after making sure we had everything ready for everyone else, diaper bags, bottles, car seats etc. We were getting everything loaded and as we were in the car, my husband, Deon, and I realized at the exact same time that we weren’t wearing shoes!! Talk about parent mode!!” 
6. What is a favorite activity/tradition you like to do as a family? 
“Our favorite family activity is to turn on the radio and dance on the Derrico’s dance floor! Deon and I met dancing so it’s only right that our children have the dancing gene too!! and when I say EVERYONE DANCES……EVERYONE DANCES!!” 
 7. What movie/tv show is always on repeat in the Derrico household? 
“Of course Doubling Down With The Derrico’s is on repeat… no but I would have say: Dancing with the Stars!” 
 8. If you had to choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be? 
“One parenting mantra for myself is:  R.E.S.T. I allow this acronym to keep me on track! 
R: Read a book 
E: Eat a healthy snack 
S: Sit and write in a journal 
T: Take 15 unapologetically minutes for me! To do whatever!” 
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