Wholesale - Minimum Advertised Price Policy


Here at Bailey's Blossoms, we redefine infant and toddler fashion, and seek to make affordable, BEAUTIFUL!  Kids are expensive, and we are proud to be pioneering the way, making high quality, affordable kids fashions, and coupling it with incredible customer service.  We take pride in our line, and stand by our commitment to quality and service.

In order to protect the integrity of Bailey's Blossoms, LLC (“Bailey's Blossoms”) products, we have instituted this Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy” or “Policy’”). This Policy will help ensure that Bailey's Blossoms products are appropriately promoted in the marketplace and ensure the brand equity associated with our products.

Retailers must be authorized by Bailey's Blossoms to sell its products in any location, including brick and mortar and on the internet. Retailers are expected to agree and adhere to the following conditions of the MAP Policy in order to avoid potential consequences of non-compliance.

  1. Bailey's Blossoms MAP products may not be advertised at a price less that Bailey's Blossoms suggested retail price, which is equal to keystone markup of our current wholesale list price, hereafter referred to the MAP. Retailers are responsible for staying current with the MAP products and MAP and to review the Bailey's Blossoms website in order to determine current MAP.
  2. As it relates to this Policy, an advertisement includes any print or electronic media of any kind, including, but not limited to, all website pages and banners, social media, emails, blogs, newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, posters, postcards, coupons, catalogs, signage visible from inside or outside a retailer’s premises, billboards, television, radio ads, and other marketing or promotional materials.
  3. Advertising that in any way suggests or implies a price lower than MAP will be considered a violation of this Policy. The following are some examples of possible policy violations:

    • BOGO – Bailey's Blossoms products included in buy one get one promotions must maintain MAP and be excluded from the discount or free price.
    • Gift with purchase where the Bailey's Blossoms product is considered the free gift or sold at a reduced price.
    • An indication that a lower price may be found at the checkout stage
    • Store or site wide sales that do not exclude Bailey's Blossoms products
    • Percentage or dollar off instant reward offers.

  4. The following situations are not considered to be a violation of MAP Policy: free shipping, sales tax rebates, in-store signage or displays, point of sale signs, hangtags, or markings on products, boxes or other packaging.
  5. This Policy applies to Retailer’s advertised prices only.
  6. Bailey's Blossoms may monitor advertised prices for its MAP products and compliance with this MAP Policy.
  7. Bailey's Blossoms reserves the right to determine and apply consequences if a Retailer is in violation of this Policy, including, but not limited to, excluding the Retailer from participating in corporate programs and promotions, limits the supply of products, canceling existing orders, refusing new orders, or termination of account. Interpretation and application of this Policy shall at all times be in the sole and absolute discretion of Bailey's Blossoms.
  8. In the event that a Retailer fails to comply with this Policy, Bailey's Blossoms may issue a MAP Violation Notice to the Retailer. However, Bailey's Blossoms reserves the right to take action against the Retailer without providing any such notice.
  9. Should Bailey's Blossoms not apply consequences to a Retailer for a violation of this Policy, this will not constitute a waiver by Bailey's Blossoms of its right to take any action it deems necessary in the future for any violation of this Policy. No Retailer or third party shall have the right to force Bailey's Blossoms to enforce this Policy against any other person of entity, including another Retailer.
  10. Bailey's Blossoms will not solicit evidence, but will accept information from Retailers, regarding possible non-compliance to the Policy by another Retailer, provided such information is addressed to us at info@baileysblossoms.com. Mud Pie will not share with any Retailer information about its decisions relating to any other Retailer. Nothing in this Policy constitutes an agreement between Bailey's Blossoms and any Retailer that such Retailer will comply with this Policy.
  11. No employee or sales representative of Bailey's Blossoms has any authority to modify this Policy or discuss any actual or alleged violation of this Policy by a Retailer with the Retailer. Any questions about this Policy should be in writing and directed to us at info@baileysblossoms.com

This Policy may be updated, revised, or modified at any time.

Bailey's Blossoms appreciates the support and loyalty of our retail partners, and we look forward to continuing our partnership and providing Bailey's Blossoms products to your customers.

This Policy is effective as of October 1, 2016.